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Anglais pour Enfants Niveau II : Noms Anglais  

Kids English Level II

Juste Un Mot (Just One Word)

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actormasculine of actress
aunt, auntyparent's sister
bakerperson who makes bread and cakes
bandgroup of people who play music together
bitchfemale of a dog
boxerman who fights with gloves, for sport
bridewoman about to be, or just married
chefhead cook
chiefhead of group or tribe
clownone who makes people laugh at a circus
crewset of people who work on ship or plane
crowdlarge number of people
dailyhappening every day
dairyplace for dealing with milk
devilevil being causing bad things
diarybook with daily record of events
diverperson who goes into deep water
dronemale or non-worker bee
duckfeminine of drake
echorepetition of sound by reflection
fairysmall person with wings in stories
gentsmasculine of ladies
giantvery large strong man in stories
goosefeminine of gander
guestvisitor to someone's house
heirperson who gets wealth when someone dies
hostmasculine of hostess
hutchpen for tame rabbits
idiot, foolsilly or stupid person
judgeperson who decides winner of contest
losersomeone who loses
madam, ladypolite way of addressing a woman
majoran officer in the army
masonworker in stone
mayorhead of town corporation
minerperson who digs out gold or coal
monk, friarmasculine of nun
niecefeminine of nephew
nurseperson who looks after sick people
oasisfertile spot in desert
ogreman-eating giant
owletyoung owl
pilotperson who flies an aeroplane
queenfeminine of king
reinslong narrow straps to control horse
riderperson who rides animals
saintperson who lives a religious life
staffgroup of people working at an office
thiefperson who steals
tigermasculine of tigress
tutorperson who teaches one pupil
unclehusband of one's aunt
vixenfemale fox
wifewoman to whom a man is married
witchwicked woman having magical powers
womanfeminine of man

Essayez le Quizz : Juste Un Mot (Just One Word)

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